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Lighthouse is a modern cloud-based reservation system that removes the barriers between software and business, allowing ferry-operators to focus on their core business.

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Built for business

Lighthouse is a new travel and freight reservation system, developed and designed for ease of use and flexibility. It is made to be operated and used by business users (no IT-professionals or data-loaders are required). The built-in functionality is rich and fully adaptable to customer's specific needs.


Software as a Service

Lighthouse is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution without substantial initial costs. You pay for what you use based on volume of passengers and freight units.


Cloud based

Lighthouse is a scalable and future-proof cloud solution suitable for all sizes of ferry operators. It is built for the cloud, using modern technology and best practices.


Time to market

We know how important time-to-market is. Therefore, the Lighthouse team is prepared to help you go live within three months. We continue to support your business as it grows and changes by delivering new features and customisations.


Outstanding architecture and technology

Lighthouse is built on modern technology making it flexible and extensible. It enables us to offer custom built integrations that connects your business with external systems and agents. The event-driven architecture provides an audit trail and enables streaming data for machine learning and data science.


Our team

The Lighthouse team have years of experience in software development for the ferry industry and is truly dedicated to the product. We strive to deliver a market leading product that improves our customers business.


Travel web

Carefully designed to work on all devices, Lighthouse contains a wide array of Booking features catering to all of your needs.



Lighthouse have a feature-packed, modern backoffice UI, built for ease of use and with productivity in mind.

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