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Holland Norway Lines success with Lighthouse booking system

In 2021, Holland Norway Lines (HNL) started preparations for opening up the route Eemshaven – Kristiansand. They chartered the MS Romantika, and began operating the route between Netherlands and Norway in April 2022. During their first year of operation, they transported more than 200,000 passengers plus freight.

Learn how the Lighthouse booking system supported this ambitious new ferry operator and helped make the first year of operations a positive experience.

Customer requirements and challenges

Holland Norway had the following challenges and requirements for their new booking system:Short lead time from signed contract to launch of booking-site.

  • Short lead time from signed contract to launch of booking-site
  • Low capital expenditure
  • Automatic scaling for peak-load
  • Flexibility to add functionality and features quickly during first months of operations
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Working with the experienced team at Ferry Systems International has been invaluable to us. They implemented the Lighthouse booking system extremely quickly and it has proven itself to be both reliable and easy to use. They have helped us solve issues and new situations that have arisen during the first year and helped us foresee and avoid problems with their domain knowledge and experience from the business.

Hanneke Cunnen-Litjens

Product Owner at Holland Norway Lines

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